Monday, March 30, 2009

Fique for earth hour

This is fique for earth hour last 28 of march. Seriously.. i didnt switch off any electrical app in my room that day..... my machine were on... downloading more movies and music and so is the light..... but i swear i switch it of later around 10pm..... i go to sleep early that day..... but....heheh the machine keep downloading.
i fuck-up a lot, being a stencillist and talk bout environment is not easy..... since the medium used still fucking up the environment..... and i smoke cigar..... i drove Mercedes Benz and kill any cyclist on my way.... i eat meat..... any kind of it.... fuck-up a lot.... im sorry..... really i am. i promise i'll change. i will switch off my light in next earth hour...... know what i'll double it.... for the earth..... i'll do it for two hour..... hahaha...... but can i still watch the television.....

just enjoy the work lah!

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Feminist Against ISA

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tank Girl by jaja

taken from her blog,

tadaa my exclusive stencil t-shirt. here it is. not really the first t-shirt i've made. i think this is the third one. the other two were so unlucky to be on this blog. erm i'll try my level best to get them here. im really sorry because i dont have any camera. im not a gadget freak. i only use stand alone nokia handphone. so what! lol

ok let me introduce you with my tank girl top. it is my very expensive tank top that i ever had. DKNY white collection. since im not wearing it anymore due to im getting bigger or the shirt is shrinking down, or either way i dont have guts to throw it away, so that is why im doing this my so called stencil t-shirt project. and im already sick with the same shirt with everyone. and i love to be different.
so, this is my first freezer paper stencil. and it is awesome. i mean no hard work required. cutting the stencil is made easy. the fun part is when you do the painting. the stencil will stuck on your shirt and it wont moves around. no more smudges. the best part: freezer paper is not avail in malaysia. i've been searching it from grocery store, hypermarket, bookstore, stationary shop and i have found none. i was bright enough to search it at ebay. hey i got it. the girl sold it to me by yards. oh my~~ she's making profits out of it. naa i have no choice but to get what i wanted the most.

as you may see the end result. im loving it so much. and i'll do as many as i can to fill up my wardrobe. but too bad. i just had only two yards of the freezer paper. i've cutted a few more and now only left 1/2 yard. and the half yard im going to give to my tagged friend, cikkim since he asked me too many questions and im getting sick and i really hope he'll shut his mouth. i brought to my office and i showed to all my colleagues. "hey, jaja that is awesome. can you do it for me one" i want to learn about photoshop now. anyone?

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