Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stencil and some other workshops + loud music.

Due to the fact that im a super shy person and appearing in public were not my thing..... i firstly choose not to put this thing here..... but to help friends that been doing such a great effort to organize such event plus as my friends at the bunkers always said..... "for the cause".... so i put it here la..... hope it all went well. To know more bout the organizer..... do visit the blog here.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yet another vandal.....

A special happy Vandalism day to both Borbo and Coolture and their newborn baby Nil.....and cong'rat'ulation for it. Hope to see you both (and the baby) again one day. To view some of their work while they were in Kuala Lumpur few years ago click here. To view other project involving them, click here.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Vandalism Day

I wish everyone a good and joyous Vandalism Day, 14th of February...... may it be the best one you have and hope you'll enjoy every second of it..... and please, wear condom(s)......hahhaahha

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Paint workers, vandals and what makes these people Happy.

What city paint worker and vandal have in common..... they love what they do..... they probably cursing each other sometime..... the vandal paint their works, this city council painter got to whitewash it back..... sometime, the city council open a tender offer to sub-contract the repaint job to other small company and for these small company..... this could make them happy....
I took this photo behind Low Yat Centre..... i can clearly see that it just been repaint.... judging from the paint mark left on the tree inside this flower bed and the fact that its been raining lately..... im sure they just had it repaint..... but somehow those who were suppose to repaint the whole flower bed wall left this small A4 size stencil there....... intentionally. I had myself experience working like this, repainting public wall..... the same thing faced by me and the same thing i did..... i leave the art on that wall...... which later then made me wonder who did this paint job..... is it possible that the person who did this were also a vandal just like me.
Seeing the fact that i know several "intellectuals" that also do art on the street..... everyone is possibly a vandal.

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