Thursday, September 18, 2008

Politic Backstabber

it took me "months" to figure it out.... what is this.... came up with few theory,it appear around the ABU scribble and stencils...... some people blame those who put up ABU as causing the "harsh" treatment of the authority towards graffiti.... so that could be it..... even the DBKL representative says that they cant tolerate it anymore once this kids put up political thing on sungai klang wall/bank...... so as the result, they paint over everything there.

it just theory..... what's more important is that there is stencils out there to be look up too. may they be political or not, i dont care..... some of it may be put up against me (but i swear i didnt do the ABU thing), but what i care more is the stencils.... its a good debate on the street.... i cant expect everyone to agree with me and dont expect me to agree with you.... i'll keep painting my own way either you like it or not..... and you can keep painting your way, i might put up your works up here again.

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