Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'll start updating this blog back as regular as possible..... busy lately with work.... but i do already have plans for my next project.... and i considering to open some of it for collaborations. A collaborations with a few other street art workers had been long establish, just not properly documented. Among those project were;

LanggarLari/hitandrun - a project between various street artist to exhibit their work in a art gallery formats but street art way which is hit and run. Totally just for fun..... it could be held in an abandon building, under the bridge, or anywhere out there were you think possible.... let say you wanted to exhibit your work in an abandoned house.... first get into the house, think of what you want to exhibit in the house with the space available..... get to work with the artwork and "promotion" then finally install the work in the space. Invite your friends, family and everyone you know in your myspace and facebook to attend your exhibition complete with direction of how to get there..... yeah something like that.

I need contributor for this blog..... please....... ;) it, could be in a form of writing either in Bahasa or English pecah like mine(this will be great), photos, movies, songs/bands or it could be anything as long as it got to do with street art/stencils/stickers or alike.

Then i also in debt to my own self of making a movie/mockumentary ....... and its frustrating as it has been like a "tumor" in my brain since 2005/6 and i need to get it out soon.....

So anyone who think that they are interested in any of these future/delayed project are always welcome to join the crew of the "cursed vandals"

btw; check out this new cool work by hasanul below..