Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A separation wall, but this one in Malaysia

Everywhere we heard, we watched and witnesses..... news, forums, protest and of course art that talk bout war and in particular...... the current situation in Palestine. Some goes blindly racist blaming the jew for all that happen there..... which worries me. There were boycott campaign which somehow seems kind off biased......"Boycott U.S stuffs......, buy OURS"......, get what i mean. I do love the idea of boycotting, but for the purpose should be very clear and not just because the thing came from America or Israel...... yeah, do we have to mind bout other product that had been starving our friends in Indonesia as for example.... and what the fuck with "Dont go boycotting KFC as it was franchised by Bumiputra(Malay, basically)..... yeah, racism in protest or boycott campaign...... it nurtures hatred towards the American and Israel, especially the Jew. There were millions of American/Israelis and jew out there who hate the war just like us and those who were killed in Palestine by the zionist regime were including those who were jews and christians.
Those wall have ears, your ears have wall;

Unless you break the walls that had been blocking your ears by all those mainstream dogma..... there'll be no way you can 'hear' the wall..... you'll never gonna listen..... social implications of graffiti as far reaching, grander than the general public gives it credit for..... graffiti has been used to start revolutions, stop wars and generally is the voice of people who nobody want to listened to. Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing........ as a mode of communication, graffiti is extremely effective..... the public views graffiti as part of a far-reaching social sickness, which distorts perception of what should and should not be acceptable..... you can say that graffiti is ugly, selfish, and that its just the action of people who want some pathetic kind of fame, but if that's true it's only because graffiti writers are just like everyone else in this fucking world..... we were ugly for we were mirrored with ugliness, we were selfish for we were thought to be selfish...... never...... because we were born JEW.

Listen to the wall.... they're falling down......