Monday, May 12, 2008

g for turtle....huh??

There's a turtle in the middle of Paris?? fuck!! how could they survive??well, thanks to my friend g, he manage to make sure that this particular turtle can survive without sea water..... in fact, this turtle swimming around on wall.... they once spotted in Kuala Lumpur..... now since the one who fed them move back to France...., those turtle decided to migrate there. I bet everyone knows g works.... he is no longer in Malaysia, last time i chat with him, he was happy with his life, his girlfriend, and vegetables garden.... which reminds me of their story bout pumpkins that they planted back then while they are here in Malaysia which was stolen by someone unknown..... hope nobody steal your plants over there!
wish to see more of your turtle swimming around Paris or better all over France..... i bet im not the only one who missed them.
to g...., good luck.... and keep your stencils alive!

*the other two stencils down here done by other street artists