Monday, November 5, 2007

Block face

This is not stencils.... i know that. But as i said before anything on the streets apart from stencils and wheat-paste that does inspire me or at least made me smile and laughing alone in my room will have their space here! There is!.... some people that send me wildstyle/freehand graff taken or done by them. But it just didn't get me horny enough to put it here. Don't get me wrong! some of them were damn good that i will feel bad to put it here. I do respect those who do that kind of style. But to tell everyone the truth, there is already to many sites or blogs not to forget myspace which put-up works of wildstyle/freehand graff in Malaysia. So I'm sorry to tell you that I'm going to dedicate this blog for those who used paper cutter passionately to cut every details on their stencils or apart from watching television or playing playstation, with their 'feel comfort' friends, they spend those time to cook wheat-paste.
To all this people.... i salute you.

But for this particular pieces, i do felt something when looking at it. It's not like looking at any other free hand graff.... maybe because its a figure of face instead of fancy fonts. And just look at how clever this particular vandal put-up his/her work on those two blocks of concrete. The look of the face... the frown.... really reminds me of how stencils should works toward peoples around it...., either it will makes you smile, or it will makes you frown. It show that stencils always work! Such is the nature of art and expression: the diversity of means and message can create mixed reactions, but all that's important is the reaction.