Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mass Shooting! [View All]

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delayed shit, vandarm, some1 and me on 24-25 of june 2007 [11pm till 6 am]

1. delayed shit - isnt it about time you started thinking outside the box?
2. randal - skate punk, grinding KLCC
3. randal and some1 - skate punk and some1 throwup, high up near Restoran Curry House
4. vandarm - sad kid, his mom busy shopping at Masjid Jamek Station. [i think]
5. vandarm - sad kid waiting for maghrib [maybe]

There is more of it all over KL, look carefully.... and you might shock off little kid crying upon your knees! Yet you might still will do nothing, feel nothing and keep walking as it was just figures painted there by vandals.
Sad...... dont you think?