Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sighting that Inspire [View All]

klik gambar

Saw these stencils yesterday while cycle around KL for no exact reason. But these stencils gave me reason to cycle more often. The "anger" one i saw near Ampang Point. I've seen this one long time ago, only till yesterday i manage to take picture of it. The one with "ilmu tuju-tuju" i saw in Gombak. Both have its own unique quality in it. Both have over/underspray on it which to me not a flaw.... but marks......, mark of stencils that so "punk-rock" that perfections is not the goal, it doesn't have to write the word "anger" because the medium has said everything. Watched carefully on the "ilmu tuju-tuju" stencil, you'll find a trace of probably masking tape or any kind of tape and the trace that apeared around it just make the stencils look kind of naive but yet dangerous or smarts!