Friday, May 18, 2007

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From: "s*****" ****>
Subject: Re:hi f-code!
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 18:35:07 -0800

Assalamualaikum fcode!
Saya minat ngan work awak tapi naper lately awak tak post work sendiri.
Saya faham niat awak nak share the blog as a platform tuk other artists to display or sharing work dorang.... tapi bagus kalau work awak pun ada sama. Paling bosan bila work dorang tu tak nampak original langsung! Ada aje artist lain yg mereka tiru.... dan saya yakin even work awak pun ada yg di tiru orang lain!...., yucks!!
Saya nengok ada yg tiru obey giant ngan banksy, takde idea sgt dah ke? Tapi yg gambar cameraman tu mmg smart giler la!
neeway, gud lak to you!



The above email send to me by someone that totally unknown. This person talked about how most stencils graff in this blog send in by peoples, had no originality. Copying other well-known "artist" like Shepard(Obey Giant) and Banksy. Well, I'm bored with this originality issue. The fact is, I also copy lot of other's work.... more like helping them in spreading their "content" to me. Helping other vandal's out there to made their stencils became more massive by cutting and spraying their stencils. So the "yucks" also goes to me... rite!. But that's me... i don't care bout being an "ARTIST"......., im a vandal! what did you expect me to do! So "PEOPLE OF THE STREET", hope you all can fill-up this "sleeping" person with something!

BTW: I attached my early days work up there. I did that Obey Robot somewhere in 2000. I got that image from Shepard Fairey(Obey Giant) website and the "PATUH" piece in early 90's. Being honest with you all, i get the image from punk zine(forgot the name) and coincidentally it also means OBEY. In that year, i still did'nt know anything bout Obey Giant as there is still no internet by then. The old beggar also taken from a punk zine and the Guantanamo prisoner from Banksy work. Thanx to Chi for still keeping the "hard copy" of Obey Robot and PATUH stencils.