Sunday, April 1, 2007

G cameraman strikes again!

Still wet. Maybe at around 5:30 that morning.

Klik gambar

It was Saturday 24th of March and I have to go through a lot of ‘meeting’ with people that day. But that night I had a great moment coz my friend G ‘fly’ me to France. Yup, I had a French style dinner with like 5 other French.
I went to his house coz he asks me how to make wheatpaste and planning to do some training action later after that. So before peddling my bike to his house, I stop by at some restaurant to feed my empty tank. I eat like hungry person that didn’t eat for weeks just to regret that G girlfriend had cooked some French dinner with tasty desert, which I hope that I really didn’t eat before that! Damn it tastes good.
I had to skip some other part to let it be my own great moment. So, we started our ‘cooking lesson’ at around 11 that night and only went out on our mission at 5 that Sunday morning. We did it on an abandoned house somewhere in KL using big brush, which later on we didn’t really use it…. We use our hand instead! So enjoy G’s work and expect more street work from him!..... or us, hehehe!