Friday, April 27, 2007

Crazy Freak Crew from Bukit Rahman Putra [View All]

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Where in the hell is Bukit Rahman Putra.... i dont know!. And you might ask me what the hell so special or great bout this school kids scriblling every wall with marker pen probably without any reason.....and why i still put up this kids submission? Why haven't i also put up other people work of freestyle graff which send to me? What make this kids get my attention?.....well, i have to admit that they remind me of something and sometime that i go thru' notsolongtimeago and let not judge this kids, in fact any street vandal you know anywhere started their journey like these kids. I never knew this kids and not sure bout how they know bout this blog, but its really bring me back to my very own "naughty time", except the differences is that i draw very "punk kind of style". When i was in my highschool, just like them, i love to carry marker pens [lot of it] with me. And i will start writing hatred messages [normally towards my teachers] , draw my teachers face except i'll make them look ugly, evil and bad. And of course there will be some drawing bout things i love.....bicycles, comic superheroes, punks characters & quote, skull & bone and more. It is difference nowadays where the punks not writing anymore and most kids love to write "hip-hop style".

Perhaps i simply wanted to see that something to become something again,
except there will be more energy in it and that sometime to become this time and it goes continuously. It was sad to see that long time ago, i once [several time actually] painted "Punk Not Dead" but it is actually dying of broken heart . A broken heart of the fact that.... the only thing that is still alive bout punk is its music!

Not Punk!

attn: This might be the first and the last time i put up work of free style or tagging orwhatsoever! Because this blog were dedicated to work of street-art with some content, esspecially that using stencils, wheat pastes and the kind. But if i find something that inspire me using medium other than i said above, i will put it up without asking your opinion!... why should i?